Our Expertise

 At McBride Crankshaft our technicians use their expertise to bring industries in Central Ohio the very best in crankshaft grinding and machining. They have built a reputation for their dedication and motivation to handle everything from standard grinding needs to highly specialized fabrication needs. 

 McBride Crankshaft (formerly Brewster Machine) was purchased In 2014 by Rod McBride.  The business is located in the Rolling Hills of Central Ohio where McBride has lived the past 15 years. Technicians working with him include his son, Loren, who is a Master Welder and Paul Myers, an experienced Grinder, with over 7 years experience.   

The McBride team is highly skilled and cross-trained in many disciplines. In addition to honing and grinding crankshafts, we are diligent at: 


  • Wet Particle Magnetic Crack Detection… (Magna Flux)
  • Hardness Testing...
  • Journal Reconstruction… (Welding)
  • Crankshaft Straightening …
  • Micropolishing

Our History

 The dream of owning his own shop and applying his passion techniques and tricks of the trade started long before 2014.  Rod’s father, Verald F. McBride, was a master machinist in the Air Force, in the World War II era. Thanks to his dad, Rod developed his love and passion for working with metal and serving people. In addition to McBride Crankshaft, Rod has also been a pastor for most of his life and serves at two local churches in his community. Attention to detail is what makes McBride Crankshaft different.  McBride said, "We may not be the largest crankshaft shop, but we certainly have the dedication, a love for what we do, the expertise and focus to do it right for our customers."   

 The McBride Crankshaft Team looks forward to serving the people and industries of Ohio for years to come.