Crankshaft Re-grinding

 At McBride Crankshaft & Machining we offer a wide variety of crankshaft services. We take a crankshaft with damaged, worn, unusable journals and bring it back to industry standards. Saving you hundreds of dollars over buying a new OEM crankshaft. 

Automobile Crankshafts

 We can recondition most automotive crankshafts. We specialize in antique, obsolete and hard to find, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Chrysler, GMC, foreign and domestic crankshafts, “If you can’t find a replacement call us for a quote on fixing your old one.” 

High Performance Crankshafts

 With our state of the art Micro-polisher, we can offer a low Ra finish on high performance crankshafts. We can provide the same finish with our Qpac style polisher that the racing industry demands at an affordable cost. We can take your worn out high ended crankshaft, regrind the journals, reharden the crankshaft and polish it to your high standards. 

Agriculture (Tractors) Crankshafts

 From antique to late model tractors McBride's specializes in all domestic and foreign tractor crankshafts. Included, but not limited to, are John Deere, Ford, Perkins, IH, Oliver, Mini Moline's, Kubota, Yanmar and Shibaura. We  can regrind, reharden and polish your old crankshaft at a fraction of the cost of a new OEM one. 


 We can take most worn industrial crankshafts including, but not limited to, air compressors, water pumps, high pressure pumps, shear presses, dozers etc. and bring them back to industry specifications.   

Offset Grinding

 We offer offset grinding (stroking) to those who are interested in getting a few more cubic inches out of their engines. 


 Cracks in crankshafts are often not visible to the naked eye and are often over looked, resulting in the breakage of a crankshaft in a newly rebuilt motor and wasting hundreds of dollars. Our magnaflux process will detect cracks not normally seen, thereby, saving you money.